Brake Replacement

When you need your brakes repaired, put your trust in the local professionals at C&B Autobody. Our certified technicians will troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair your brakes with expert precision.

Although we specialized in auto body, we also keep a variety of brake parts in stock, which allows us to offer faster brake services than the competition. And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll have it delivered and installed in no time.

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Troubleshooting and Diagnosing Brake Issues

The first thing we’ll do is ask you to describe the problem. Are your brakes screeching? Do they feel spongy? Are they taking too long to engage?

Then, we’ll run our own tests. With years of professional experience behind us, we’re able to diagnose most issues with a simple test drive. After that, we’ll run a set of diagnostic tests to determine why the brakes failed and what to do about it.

The result will be a detailed quote with a full cost breakdown and service timeline. We have no doubt that you’ll love our affordable prices and our punctuality policy. We’ll be sure to complete all our work on time and on budget!

Brake Pad Replacement Service

Every time you use your brakes, you’re wearing out your brake pads. That doesn’t mean you should quit using your brakes to save a few bucks. It means that you need to get your brake shoes checked regularly to ensure that they’re still functioning properly.

We suggest having them checked each time you come in to our shop. If not, you could risk damaging the disk, or worse, having brakes that won’t stop your car.

We carry brake shoe replacements for every major brand on the market today. Call us to learn more.

Brake Rotor and Brake Disc Replacements

So long as your brake pads are properly calibrated and in good working condition, your rotors should last for a long time. But if they get warped, bent, or damaged, it could be time to replace them. Like our brake pads, we can replace any rotor that’s currently on the market. And if we don’t have it, we’ll be able to order it to the shop.

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Brake Line Replacement Service

Alongside your brake shoes and rotors, your brake line is a delicate component that must be replaced when it gets damaged. Even the smallest hole in a brake line will render your brakes completely useless. Along with brake line replacement, we can also do brake fluid replacements—something that must be done whenever we install a new brake line.

You’re guaranteed to feel the difference straight away. With brand new brake lines and brake fluid, your brakes will feel snappier and stronger—like the first day you drove it off the dealer’s lot.

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If your brakes need work, book an appointment with the local professionals at C&B Autobody. We can repair and replace brake components on all the major brands. Contact us today!

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